Achievement Task: Comparative Essay

Comparison Badge

Below you will find all of the materials you will need to complete your comparative essay.

You should remember that writing frames only give you an idea of how you might structure your answer and what you might include. At times you might find that they actually restrict your writing and the depth of your analysis. Don’t be afraid to stray away from it!

You have so much great stuff to say. Make sure you enjoy saying it!

Comparative Essay Assessment Writing Frame and Planning Document

Gregor’s Death

Now that we have completed our reading of Metamorphosis, I would like to spend some time considering the significance of this story on our lives and the various ways it could be interpreted.

The first moment I would like us to consider is Gregor’s death. We will re-read the text extract and re-watch Swanton’s film version to compare the way in which the events have been interpreted.

What might Kafka and Swanton be attempting to communicate about Gregor’s death and what might it teach us about difference in our society?

Gregor’s Death Gregor’s Death Text Extract Gregor’s Death Worksheets

The Crack in the Door

Another month passes as Gregor finds himself locked into his room once more. With the apple lodged and rotting in his back, he finds it increasingly difficult to move. His only source of  comfort is looking through a crack in the door and observing his family’s routines.

This lesson asks you to look at three different features of the opening of Chapter 3the description, the viewpoint and the punctuation. As we analyse each feature, I ask that you remain focussed on considering the significance of what he observes through the crack and what this tells us about his current mental state.

The Crack in the Door



Contradiction, Confusion and Difference

What might we learn from Kafka about the effects difference has on individuals within society?

This lesson asks you to consider how Kafka creates a tone of confusion within his text through his use of language and grammatical structures. Once we have considered how Kafka has achieved this affect, we must then consider why.

What might he be trying to tell us about the dangers of difference within our society? What might he be trying to tell us about the internal prejudices we hold?

Contradiction, Confusion and Difference

Unhealthy Mindsets

Now that we have begun to consider the complicated perception Gregor holds of himself, I would like us to spend some time closely analysing the language of the text to support and develop our ideas.

The tasks below are all designed to help you step closer towards making a judgement about how unhealthy Gregor’s perceptions of himself are.

Unhealthy Mindsets

Isolation Essay

DUE: Monday 11th May

Now that we have completed an in depth reading of how Kafka presents the theme of isolation within part 2, we should turn our attention to capturing these thoughts in a formal written form.

For many of you, this will offer you an opportunity to unlock a significant achievement badge in the final term before your graduation to GCSE level study. I would love to award everyone for the work they are currently completing.

Below you will find the guidance sheet that will help you to structure you essay. The completed draft will be due on Monday.


As Gregor wakes in his bug-like form for the second time, we begin to wonder how his family will deal with the problem now that they have had time to calm down.

This lesson asks you to consider how Kafka has used language to develop an increasing sense of isolation within the text and why he may wish to communicate these ideas to the reader.